Saturday, May 14, 2011

An EARLY birthday present

Have you ever heard of Well one of my husband's co-worker's wives works there and they got us into the overstock warehouse sale on "friends and family" day. We really weren't expecting to find anything but then i saw this......
I got a little excited when i saw it. This has been a dream product of mine and i never really thought i would actually get one--- a professional grade kitchen-aid! I was ready to keep walking when my husband informed me that he had planned on getting me a basic one for my birthday in 2 months... but at the warehouse sale this professional one was cheaper than some of the basic ones! SO HE BOUGHT IT FOR ME... and said Happy Early Birthday. i was in shock the entire way home... i was so excited. I haven't even had a hand mixer that works for months now and have been doing everything by hand. So to have this, and have it be such an AWESOME one at an INCREDIBLE price... Lets just say i need to go do some baking!

It is nice to have it a little early... especially since my birthday is only about 10 days before my due date...

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