Monday, October 1, 2012

Spinach Apple & Kielbasa Hash

This has been a very easy Go-To Meal when I am taking dinner to families who need a meal for the night (just had a baby, or someone is sick). It is super quick and easy to make as big or as small as you need it to be. Adapted from BlueBonnets and Brownies

- 1 lb Kielbasa- sliced and quartered
- 4 medium potatoes, Diced
- 1 medium Onion
- 2 Large Granny Smith Apples
- 1 bag of Spinach
- 2 tbls Olive Oil
- Salt and Pepper

Wash, Dry and Chop Potatoes, Onion and Apple. Slice and Quarter Kielbasa (I enjoy the smaller pieces because then you are sure to get a little bit in every bite). Set All Aside

In a large Frying Pan, heat oil over medium Heat. Add diced potatoes and stir to coat with oil. Season potatoes with Salt and Pepper and allow to cook until they begin to get a little color on each side.

Add onion and apple to pan and stir, allowing to cook down until onions are translucent.

Add kielbasa and stir. Cook until kielbasa starts to caramelize, then add spinach and cook until wilted.

Serve Immediately (serves 3-4)

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