Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bountiful Basket

Doesn't that all just look so yummy (well everything but the green bananas which need a couple more days). Saturday morning I woke up early and got my first Bountiful Basket! They have them in lots of different cities in lots of different states, we are lucky enough to have a pick up location one just a few minutes from our house. Pretty much, for $15 (which i paid the Monday before) I got all the stuff above: 5 Nectarines,10 Plums, 4 Pears, 6 Apples, 3 Red and 3 Green Peppers (which are shown chopped because i froze them), 4 Tomatoes, Lettuce, Grapes, 9 Bananas, and 5 Cucumbers. I'm not exactly sure how much that would cost at the grocery store, but i know its way more than $15... i just spent $5 on a bag of grapes earlier in the week! You should all check and see if there is one by you!

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