Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unstuffed French Toast

We went to Portland last weekend and my brother in law made us this with peaches. It was so yummy, but i was in a strawberry craze so I made it a little different! Still yummy!

- Texas Toast
- Eggs
- Cinnamon
- Vanilla
- Strawberries
- Heavy Cream
- 8 oz Marscarpone Cheese
- 4 tbls Powdered Sugar
- Lemon Juice/Zest

In a medium bowl add the Marscarpone cheese, powdered sugar and lemon juice/zest (to taste) and blend well together.

In a flat bowl add 1 tsp of milk with some cinnamon to create a paste (this will help the cinnamon spread evenly and not clump). Then add egg, vanilla, more milk and mix. Next make your french toast (i dont think i need to explain this step!)

To make the Strawberry cream, Slice strawberries and put in small skillet with heavy cream and cook through. Simple and yummy!

When french toast has about 1 min to cook on 2nd side add a lump of the Cheese mixture on top of each piece to give it time to melt a little. When done plate and top with strawberry cream. (We also added our Strawberry Jam and that was yummy too!)

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