Sunday, May 2, 2010

King of the Cajun

I have to post about this product. When my hubby and I went to Portland to visit family last year we went to the Saturday market and bought a small pack of these spices. Now we can't seem to get enough of them and order them online so we are never without. King of the Cajun. I am not one to buy from small online stores, because i don't trust them usually, but you can use paypal with them online, and they ship them super fast.

So what have we done with them? 

Their Cajun seasoning is the only thing we use for our Cajun Pasta

We love the Cream Sauce- we love to make homemade hash-browns with this one (shredded potatoes, butter and cream sauce), and just yesterday discovered Cajun Mac N'Cheese (The blue kraft Mac n'Cheese, with some cream sauce added when you add the cheese. we also added some smoked sausage chunks that we pan fried... YUMMY... i could eat it all day).

Also this time we ordered their Louisiana Mix. Let me tell you.. it is the best rub for a steak. I have never had such good steak. I also want to try it with french fries, but so far i have only tried to steak. If i try other things i will let you know. 

So my advice--- ORDER THIS STUFF NOW!!! It will change your life! As i cook with it more intensely i will add links here.  

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